Services include Site Audits, Site Support and User Requirements Specifications.

Systems Design
ClipperTech takes great care to fully understand and to develop our client’s systems functional requirements.

The end results of this approach are Process Control and Automation Systems which exceed client expectations, with full support available for the lifetime of the system.

PLC / SCADA Integration
All software produced by ClipperTech is produced to the highest standards using our ever developing software tools and design methods. Software we develop is easy to understand, easy to maintain and well documented providing an easy route to modify and enhance during the systems lifetime.Our design procedures are regularly modified to provide the best quality and most cost effective solution for our partners.

ClipperTech works in close partnerships and has arrangements with major manufacturers such as Rockwell Automation, Siemens etc and their distributors which ensure we use only the original most up-to date software tools.

At ClipperTech we plan, supervise and control all aspects of your new or upgraded system. We have personal to carry out our own installations. This arrangement allows us to have competent qualified people of the correct disciplines carrying out tasks when required but offers the continuity of onsite contact for overall site management.

At ClipperTech the installation managers are usually the same people who have been heavily involved in the actual hardware design of the system so an in-depth knowledge of the overall system is retained from design through to installation.

All of our systems, having been designed, produced and tested to the highest possible standards require minimum commissioning. Experienced commissioning engineers will attend your site with the knowledge that all hardware and software components of the system have been rigorously tested before being released for commissioning. With this knowledge, the engineers can proceed with confidence in the system. Also the engineers have direct access to system and product specialists both within ClipperTech and our partners if the need arises.

ClipperTech place great importance on working in partnership with clients with the ability to provide standard and bespoke courses tailored to meet the client’s individual requirements; We work with you to ensure you see a return on investment.