Pulsar Launch Ultimate Controller

Pulsar Ultimate ControllerUltimate Controller is a control system that combines ultrasonic level and flow measurement, RTU and advanced pump control in one economic, easily programmed, modular unit with dedicated web server remote control and touchscreen HMI.

Integrating the world’s leading non-contacting ultrasonic advanced controller with patented functions that reduce energy costs, aid Asset Management, reduce installation and maintenance costs and improve Compliance. Ultimate Controller is modular and expandable, with peripherals offering unlimited I/O, pump power monitoring and even a remote infra-red camera, allowing remote viewing of the well and the process.

Ultimate Controller Features Include:

  • - Operational Cost Saving by high energy cost avoidance, pre-blockage detection, automatic resets and the selection of the most efficient pump
  • - Capital Cost Saving by combining HMI, PLC, RTU and level control with no costly logic programming
  • - Remote monitoring of flow and level with picture verification for Compliance
  • - Modular and expandable to suit simple and complex applications
  • - With convenience and safety in mind, the power monitor can be mounted away from the ICA section
  • - Patented Asset Management data calculated by the Ultimate which can be displayed locally and remotely
  • - Blockage detection
  • - Pump Reversing


  • - Advanced pump control
  • - Level measurement
  • - Flow monitoring
  • - Pump performance monitoring
  • - Asset management

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