TrojanUVTelos™ is the latest evolution of UV for small communities and was created to address the needs of the energy- and maintenance-conscious buyer.

This advanced system utilizes TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology and TrojanUVFlow Integration (FIN™) hydraulic optimization technology, which leads to low power consumption, uniform UV dose delivery and a low lamp count. With these features, the advantages of TrojanUVTelos™ are clear – lower life cycle costs, easy maintenance and reduced environmental impact.

As with every TrojanUV system, we have incorporated the latest reliability and safety features. Reducing maintenance requirements and costs while incorporating the most efficient technologies available, the TrojanUVTelos™ leads the way for small-community drinking water disinfection.

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Reducing maintenance requirements and costs while incorporating the most efficient technologies available, the TrojanUVTorrent™ leads the way for large-scale drinking water disinfecti

The TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ stands alone in offering the advantages of both existing medium pressure and low pressure high output lamp technologies. Incorporated into the TrojanUVTorrent™, the advantages become clear – lower life cycle costs, easy maintenance and reduced environmental impact.

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The TrojanUVSwift™ offers proven performance against waterborne pathogens including viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Our advanced systems meet disinfection targets with unsurpassed reliability with no known disinfection by-products.

The TrojanUVSwift™ is a testament to our commitment to providing water confidence. This compact system has demonstrated its installation flexibility and effective, reliable performance around the world in hundreds of installations. Available in multiple inlet/outlet diameters, it is well suited to drinking water disinfection projects – new and retrofit applications – for a wide range of flow rates. The TrojanUVSwift™ is also upgradeable to models designed to treat the compounds responsible for seasonal taste and odor events (e.g. MIB and geosmin) and other chemical contaminants. Known as the TrojanUVSwift™ECT (Environmental Contaminant Treatment), this UV system uses specialized controls in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to cost effectively perform UV-oxidation.

Engineered and built for dependable performance, the TrojanUVSwift™ requires a minimal number of lamps to treat a given flow, and is serviceable from one side for easy maintenance. It also incorporates innovative features to reduce O&M costs, including efficient, variable output, electronic ballasts and Trojan’s revolutionary ActiClean™ system – the industry’s only dual-action, sleeve cleaning system.

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The TrojanUVSwift™SC offers the world’s most comprehensive and advanced suite of bioassay validations, with models having undergone rigorous USEPADVGW and ÖNORM certification using multiple organisms and encompassing a wide dose range.

The validated dose range includes required doses for 4-log virus inactivation according to USEPA, determined using a high-resistance surrogate organism. These validations ensure verified dose delivery, maximum public safety, and minimum energy consumption.

Designed to meet the needs of large and small communities, the TrojanUVSwift™SC incorporates energy-efficient, low-pressure lamps. With units designed to treat flow rates of 2 gallons per minute (GPM) to 16 million gallons per day (MGD) / 0.5 to 2,523 m3/hr, these compact, robust UV systems offer a wide range of communities an efficient, economical solution for drinking water disinfection.

It’s engineered and built to provide reliable performance, simplified maintenance, and reduced operating costs with innovative features like a hydraulically optimized, “L-shaped” reactor, high-intensity amalgam lamps and optional automatic or manual sleeve wiping.

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