dB Transducers

Pulsar’s main dB series of non contact ultrasonic transducers offer compact, robust measurement and an innovative approach to transducer design. Previously, users had a choice between high-voltage, frequency dependent transducers that were susceptible to electrical noise and needed special, protected interconnecting cables, and weak, low-power transducers that had good hazardous area performance but performed poorly in any but the simplest application.

The dB range has changed all that, creating a compact, low power transducer design that can be I.S. certified and uses standard interconnecting cables, yet produces extremely high acoustic power to give exceptional results in a wide variety of challenging situations.

Team a dB transducer with any of Pulsar’s Ultra, FlowCERT, Zenith, Quantum or Blackbox control units to create the perfect solution for your application. All transducers have flammable atmosphere approval as standard.
Standard transducer bodies are made from Valox 357 PBT with a special foam radiating face. Some are available with both body and sealed front face in PVDF for corrosive applications.

Flanges are available on most transducers with PTFE facing for corrosive applications, in ANSI or DIN patterns. 

 range solids and liquids measurement
Range 125mm - 3m125kHz19mm diameter radiating face, <10º beam angle. 
All dB3 versions are fitted with a shallow drip shield.

short range solids and liquids measurement
Range 300mm - 6m75kHz30mm diameter radiating face, <10º beam angle.
dBS6 -short deadband version, solids and liquids measurement
Range 200mm - 6m, at 50kHz45mm radiating face, <10º beam angle.

solids, powders and liquids measurement
Range 300mm - 10m50kHz45mm diameter radiating face, <10º beam angle.
dB15 - narrow beam transducer for solids, powders and liquids
Range 500mm - 15m41kHz60mm diameter radiating face, <8º beam angle.

narrow beam, mid-range transducer for solids, powders and liquids
Range 600mm - 25m30kHz78mm diameter radiating face, <6º beam angle.

narrow beam, long range transducer for solids, powders and liquids
Range 1.2 - 40m20kHz160mm diameter radiating face, <5º beam angle.

narrow beam, long range transducer for solids, powders and liquids
Range 2m - 50m20kHz160mm diameter radiating face, <5º beam angle. 

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