Sludge Finder 2

Sludge Finder 2 Is a proven effective sludge blanket interface monitor in both waste water and industrial applications. Sludge Finder 2 provides a continuous level indication and 4 20 mA output of interface height from the tank bottom along with relays for alarm or control use . Sludge Finder 2 monitors SBR tanks, primary or secondary settlement tanks down to 0.5% density.

Reliable and Accurate
Pulsar’s Sludge Finder 2 is a versatile, accurate and reliable solution to the problem of accurately measuring interface levels in primary or secondary settlement tanks and SBR systems. Operating ultrasonically through liquid, Sludge Finder 2 uses proven echo processing algorithms to identify the sludge interface level by state of the art digital echo processing techniques found only in this unit.

Sludge Finder 2’s unique Viper transducer is immersed in the liquid, emitting a high frequency pulse down towards the sludge interface. The pulse reflects from the interface of the denser material back to the Viper transducer face. This echo is analysed by the controller unit providing a depth reading and an analogue output proportional to the height of the interface above the vessel bottom. Sludge Finder 2 uses a self-cleaning underwater acoustic sensor that results in continuous, reliable sludge level measurement. You can reduce sludge pumping, optimise dosing and let your staff concentrate on other things.

Multiple Tanks, Multiple Applications
Sludge Finder 2 will operate with one or two transducers: you can mix and match Sludge Transducers and Pulsar’s main dB transducer range to give astonishing versatility. Manage two clarifiers/thickeners, or one clarifier plus an ultrasonic level application from a single unit, providing flexible, economical control and a single connection point for system interface. Sludge Finder 2 features a microprocessor and a multifunction display showing blanket level, complete echo profile, alarm points, tank depth and multiple tank status.

The hygienic solution
Remote measurement with Sludge Finder 2 means you can put an end to tedious, time consuming, potentially unhygienic and hazardous manual measurements using gap switches or vacuum probes.

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