Remote Activated Automatic Wastewater Sampler

Clippertech Ltd have developed an add on module that compliments the Aquamatic Aquacell range of portable wastewater samplers. The GSM module is tailored to operate in conjunction with the Aquacell. Text commands can be sent to the unit to start a programmesequence and stop a programme sequence. The remote communication module can also be set up to confirm when each sample is taken and monitor alarm functions such as low battery or sample failure. The unit is designed to connect directly to the unit sampler and is compacted and rated to IP67. The power for the unit is provide by the Aquacell battery therefore the whole system is self contained.

GSM/GPRS Quad Band device in a box with I/O but it also has : -

  • A separate processor to control and monitor the GSM engine so it can’t lock up
  • Soft configurable I/O options including a true 4-20mAanalogue port
  • Programmable from a standard GSM handset or from a PC 
  • A real time clock to control polling and conserve battery power
  • A rugged IP67 enclosure that will survive all weathers
  • Very low current 12V operation
  • Serial interface

We believe that this is a box with a difference that will be very attractive to professional applications for remote monitoring and control.