The TrojanUVTorrent™ECT, equipped with revolutionary TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology, is a low-pressure, high-efficiency system with high UV output. It’s ideal for year-round treatment of chemical contaminants at high flows.

A range of contaminants can be treated such as taste and odor-causing compounds, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and endocrine disrupting compounds. At the same time, the system will disinfect bacteria, viruses and protozoa including the chlorine-resistant pathogens Cryptosporidiumand Giardia.


The TrojanUVSwift™ECT is a hydraulically optimized, polychromatic lamp-based UV reactor for use in the treatment of environmental contaminants. It is suitable for removing contaminants from large flow rates within a compact footprint.

The TrojanUVSwift™ECT employs sophisticated controls to optimize the treatment of environmental contaminants. The broad light spectrum of light emitted in the TrojanUVSwift™ECT makes it extremely well suited for the treatment of many contaminants, particularly some pesticides and taste and odor-causing compounds found in surface waters. Its ultra-compact footprint, its ability to apply large amounts of UV light, and high flow capacity make it an excellent reactor for use as part of a multi-barrier system in large municipal applications. In such an application, the TrojanUVSwift™ECT destroys contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and taste and odor-causing compounds while providing disinfection of chlorine-resistant protozoa.

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The TrojanUVPhox™ (UV-Photolysis and UV-Oxidation) solution is a groundbreaking, pressurized ultraviolet (UV) light reactor that utilizes Trojan’s high-output, monochromatic amalgam UV lamps.

The TrojanUVPhox™ was designed to maximize efficiency – using 50%-90% less energy than other similarly sized UV reactors. Through the extensive use of computational fluid dynamics models and other computer simulation tools, it has been optically and hydraulically optimized to provide extremely efficient and cost-effective UV treatment. Its unique design allows for the use of multiple reactors in series. This gives the TrojanUVPhox™ an extremely compact footprint, making efficient use of space in a water treatment facility.

When applicable, the reactor is integrated via control algorithms with a hydrogen peroxide delivery system in order to provide UV-oxidation. The hydrogen peroxide delivery system is part of the TrojanUVPhox™ solution.

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