Quantum 2

The Last Word in Level and Pumping Station Control.

Pulsar has taken intelligent pump control to a new level with Quantum and Quantum 2 . Both units provide alarms, including a unique alarm warning of ‘time to spill’ in critical areas, and reset tripped pumps automatically, so staff may never have to visit site just to reset a pump (pat. pending). Quantum 2 introduces a second milliamp output and unique flow measurement capabilities that can remove the need for a magnetic flow meter and warn of a burst rising main.

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Ultra 5

Ultra 5 offers the ultimate flexibility in ultrasonic control and measurement. Like Ultra 3, Ultra 5 is user-configurable to measure level or volume, provide advanced pump control or measure open channel flow to BS ISO 1438 and 4359. Over and above the facilities offered by Ultra 3, Ultra 5 gives you the ultimate flexibility of: five assignable relays with extra alarm options such as pump efficiency; extra pump control functions including pump run-on and pump exercising; storm and aeration control; differential control using two transducers, the addition of further relays in OCM applications.

Ultra 5 features the benefit of DATEM, the world’s most advanced echo processing software, for reliable level measurement.


All the features of the Ultra 3 with 2 additional relays. Offers optional 4 -20mA input for a pressure transmitter or similar.

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Zenith 140 – Pump Station Controller

The Pulsar Zenith Intelligent Pump Controller is a high specification pumping station management system, offering unrivalledperformance. Using Pulsar’s proven non-contacting ultrasonic technology it provides almost all known pumping and tariff management routines in an easy to use package. By combining advanced ultrasonic level measurement and the monitoring of pumpsutilising digital inputs.

By combining advanced ultrasonic level measurement with the control and monitoring of pumps and providing many other control functions, it is possible to eliminate a PLC by using Zenith in a smaller station. Significant capital and operational cost savings can be achieved by using TariffGuard (peak tariff avoidance control software) to enable optimum use of pumps during periods of lower cost electricity. 

Blackbox 136 Level CSO

A sophisticated ultrasonic system specifically designed for use with batteries to provide non-contact monitoring of level or overflow events. Exceptionally low battery consumption maximises battery life for use in remote locations.


Very low power consumption suitable for battery operation
On board logging of level, date, time, duration and volume spill
Designed for CSO applications
Monitors level or flow
DATEM echo processing

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Blackbox 130

Deceptively simple, the Blackbox range includes all the echo processing sophistication of DATEM featured in the Ultra range but without the display and on-board programming capabilities that are unneccessaryin a distributed control environment.

Programmed by a hand-held calibrator or from a computer, Blackboxallows engineers to select the output to suit the application.

Non-contacting level measurement featuring a 4-20mA output (isolated or non-isolated) proportional to level and two alarm or control relays. Available with or without display.

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Self-contained ultrasonic level measurement without compromise.

Pulsar’s IMP+ range is non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement without compromise. Compact, low profile self contained units with the benefit of digital echo processing specially designed for IMP+. Simple programming without affecting the IP rating via the integral key pad or using IMP PC, IMP+’s own PC software that lets you program the unit, view and download echo profiles and parameters.

There is an IMP+ to suit your application. IMP+ is available in 3m6mand 10m range versions can be wired for 2 wire or 3 wire operation. IMP+I.S. 2-wire Intrinsically Safe(I.S.) versions are also available in3m6m and 10m range versions. All IMPs feature LCD displays and digital temperature measurement and compensation. Imp also has 2 relay outputs as standard which when wired as a 3 wire unit provides sufficient power to operate these.

When used in wake-up mode for low power applications, uses 40µA current @ 15mins interval with 3 seconds “live”.

All versions are available with a PVDF nose cone option for aggressive chemical applications. 

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