Scottish Power – Cruachan

Scottish Power - Cruachan

ClipperTech Ltd were contracted to return to site to complete some on going maintenance on three flow monitoring stations on the inlet to the hydro power scheme at Crauachan recently.

The system was installed by ClipperTech over five years ago and required some TLC. General maintenance was carried out on the wind turbines, however, one had to be returned to the manufacturer to have the main output cable replaced within the bearing assembly. One of the solar panel mounting brackets was damaged and needed to be replaced, due to the severe weather in this location the equipment has stood up well to the elements. The opportunity was taken to replace the external terminal boxes to improve the reliability as sealing on the originals enclosures where beginning to cause concern.

ClipperTech have invested in the equipment to complete this work on the demountable columns and now have the hydraulic jack system to maintain the system even in some poor weather conditions.

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